High Velocity Water Spray System (HVWS)

This system works uniquely effective against fire hazards involving heavy or medium oil (with flash points of 65 C or higher). Three principles of extinguishment are employed in the system – emulsification, cooling and smothering. The result of applying these principles is to extinguish the fire within a few seconds
The nozzles are specifically designed depending on the fire area. This system has capacity to reach to the surface of burning oil penetrating the flame zone and create ‘Emulsification’ i.e. formation of the non-combustible emulsion layer of oil-water on the surface of the burning oil. This emulsification along with the cooing smothering effects extinguishes the fire.
High Velocity Water Spray Systems also can be used to protect Circuit Breakers & Transformers.

Code Of Practise : IS15328, NFPA15
Product Certification : UL Listed, FM approved.

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